The Average American Plans On Spending $752.00 on Holiday Gifts This Season… 
December for a Dollar

Right now, you can get an UNLIMITED ACCESS membership to The Transformation Club for only $1.

Attend as many sessions (in person or online) as you like from November 29th - December 24th

Plus, we're going to give you our Healthy Holiday Recipe Guides: Eats, Drinks, & Desserts!

YOU SAVE $199!

The Large Print...

There's no fine print to read on this deal.

Here's how and why we're giving you December for only $1:

Let's start with the WHY...

Look, I've been doing this fitness professional thing for 25 years now, and I've seen it year after year, decade after decade - most people "mail it in" for the holidays.

They simply tell themselves they'll get started in January.

Sound familiar?

The problem with that is you end up that much further behind...
You know how the cliché works…

Most folks go a little crazy over the holidays.

It’s like there are no rules. 

Then New Year’s hits.  And now it’s time to pay… 

We are here to help you NOT become a statistic…to NOT be a cliché. 

And, that starts with getting you in the gym (or online) with a regular (even semi-regular) exercise routine...

By the way, even if you're not going to be "perfect" with your workout routine, with only a $1 investment, you're going to get your money's worth - and then some!

See how we threw the "waste of money right now" excuse right out the window? ;-)
Our December for a Dollar Special Maximizes
BOTH your budget AND your time.
Now, here's HOW it works...and please pay particular attention here so there are no misunderstandings or hard feelings.  :-)

When you purchase the December for a Dollar special you are signing up for a month-to-month membership at The Transformation Club... meaning, YOU WILL BE BILLED ON JANUARY 1st in the amount of $200 and each month thereafter (you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice).

This is NOT a workout-for-a-few-weeks-and-then-go-back-to-doing-nothing program.

This IS an I'm-dedicating-myself-to-improving-my-fitness-and taking-advantage-of-a-very-special-discount-to-get-started program.

Is that clear?

If you're just looking for a cheap place to work out for a few weeks then this isn't for you.

If you're looking for a kick to get started and a way to save in a typically expensive month (FYI, the average American will spend over $1000 on the holidays this year) then this is for you. :-)

Our Class Schedule

Before we go any further, if you're only going to be doing in-person sessions you should take a look at our class schedule to make sure it works for you.
Group Training
24/7 Virtual Access is also available
  • 5:45 am Monday - Friday
  • 7:00 am Monday - Friday
  • 9:00 am Monday - Friday
  • 4:30 pm Monday - Thursday
  • 5:40 pm Monday & Wednesday
24/7 Virtual Access is also available
  • Tuesday @ 5:15 pm
  • Wednesday @ 7:00 pm
  • Thursday @ 5:30 pm
Now, let me be very blunt, you either need to fit (punned intended) this schedule into your lifestyle OR you need to make the decision that online workouts will work (that IS a decision). FYI, we have people getting amazing results with our virtual session workouts! :-)
NOTE: For home workouts, you will need minimal equipment but you will need some. A great place to start at a low cost that gives you access to hundreds of exercises is a set of resistance bands. If you don't already have a set, we'll provide a recommendation when you join.
Get a Headstart on the New Year with our December for $1 Special!
Alright.  Now you know WHY we're making such an incredible offer and HOW it works.

The next step is simple...

Click the green button below to secure your spot!
Secure your spot and let us help you own the holiday season before it owns you…

Justin & Janell Yule
Owners, The Transformation Club
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